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On-site Service

1.The service for the exhibitors. Exhibitors is one of the most important customer show, is also one of the most important service object in the exhibition, the exhibitors services include: notification preparations for the exhibition and information industry development, to provide the service of trade information, display and exhibit transportation, to invite the audience right the visit, booth structures, exhibition site services, business services, etc., among them, to invite audience right to a certain quantity and quality of the visit is the most important service exhibition for exhibitors 

2.For the audience service. And exhibitors, the audience is another most important clients and service object. Exhibition services for the audience is divided into two kinds, one is the service of professional audiences, one is for ordinary audience service. Notifying professional audience services include exhibition information, provide industry information, product supply, to attract the right exhibitors at the exhibition, the exhibition site services, business services, etc., which, to a certain quantity and quality is suitable exhibitors exhibition to provide professional audience the best service.

3.On the other aspects of the service. In addition to the exhibitors and visitors, exhibition and other related services objects, such as the news media, industry associations and departments of commerce and industry, international organizations and foreign agencies in China, service for these objects, is one of the main information service.

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