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BODA and IDG Visited Germany and Sweden to Promote World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo

Release time:2017-01-29 15:43:06

From January 28 to February 2, Beijing Olympic City Development Association BODA and International Data Group (IDG) visited Germany and Sweden to promote World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, in an effort to expand the expo’s international influence and to attract more winter sports-related institutions and enterprises.

2022 The winter Olympics in Beijing & Zhangjiakou has brought unprecedented development opportunities for Chinese winter sports industry. China learns and draws a lot of experiences from European winter sports industry, represented by Germany and Sweden as outstanding examples.

With the booming of Chinese winter sports industry, BODA and IDG co-hosted the first World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo in October 2016 so as to better prepare for 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The expo won the support of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the seven international Olympic winter sports federations, the value from General Administration of Sports of China, Beijing Municipal Government and Hebei Provincial Government as well as the support from Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and a number of other domestic and overseas institutions, attracted a multitude of global winter sports powers and enterprises.

Gao Yunchao, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Olympic City Development Association

Xu Zhou,Vice President of IDG Asia

Secretary General German Ski Association:Florian Kurz

World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo incorporates winter sports, ice-snow industry, tourism and leisure as well as youth training. It establishes platforms for exhibition and display, providing opportunities for winter sports enterprises to exchange and cooperation through a variety of means, such as exhibition, summit forum and many other relevant activities.

World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo will be held from 2016 to 2022, and in 2017 it will be held from September 7th to 10th. During the preparation stage, the organizers will further uncover industry demands, and enroll in more professional winter sports institutions and brands, including those Europe-based ones, so as to promote the integrated development of winter sports, tourism and education.

During the event, BODA and IDG exchanged ideas on Olympic legacy inheritance and international cooperation with international winter sports organizations, national Olympic Committee and international winter sports federation.

(third from left)Vice Mayor Garmisch-Partenkirchen,Wolfgang Bauer

News Background

To engage 300 million Chinese citizens to take part in the winter sports and carry out the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating Sports Industry to Promote Sports Consumption issued by the State Council and Beijing City, BODA and IDG decided to launch a worldwide high-end exposition centering on winter sports industry from 2016 to 2022, which is World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo. As the key project of Beijing’s accelerating winter sports, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo will be held annually from 2016 to 2022, so as to establish a crucial platform to share winter sports resources with international community and to boost Chinese winter sports industry.

The first World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo was held in China National Convention Center from October 19 to 22, 2016. Themed by “Opening the Future” and centering on winter sports exhibition and display, the expo covered a display area of 22,000 m2 and attracted 208 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The exhibition mainly includes four sectors, namely, winter sports, competition and culture, outdoor and leisure as well as interactive experience. Opening ceremony and main conference, parallel forums, winter sports projects promotion, trade fair and intercalative games, etc. were launched during the expo, attracting more than 100,000 person-times in four days. The expo was extensively covered by media reports, with a total number of more than 2,000 reports on network media, TV, new media and self media, which has greatly expanded the influence of the Expo.

Introduction to Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA)

The successful Beijing 2008 Olympic & Paralympic Games have left rich legacy for China and Beijing both in material and social forms, which is now possessed by Beijing as the host city for the Olympic Games. To continue this sound momentum and build on the successful experience of the Games, Beijing Municipal Government has turned the three Olympic slogans into “Humanistic Beijing, Hi-Tech Beijing and Green Beijing”, and decided to set up BODA, which is officially announced in August, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

BODA is a non-profit organizational legal person registered with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. It is built to develop the Olympic spirit, expand the Olympic achievements, promote the sustainable development of Olympic and Paralympic causes in the city, contribute to the construction of Humanistic Beijing, High-tech Beijing and Green Beijing and accelerate the development of Beijing as a modern developed city and an international sports culture center.

Introduction to International Data Group (IDG)

Established in 1964 and headquartered in Boston, the USA, IDG is the world’s largest company that specializes in information technology publication, research, convention and exhibition and venture investment.

IDG publishes more than 90,000 research reports and technical development prediction reports and more than 300 relevant magazines in 25 languages ever year. It owns 450 websites and holds nearly 700 international and local academic reports meetings, market analysis meetings and product display exhibitions throughout the world every year. In addition, IDG provides targeted consultation services for each subject.

IDG was the undertaker of “the Olympic Expo Beijing 2008”, an item of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (then IOC President, Jacques Rogge, IOC’s Lifelong Honorary Chairman, Samaranch and Chairman of Beijing Olympic Committee, Liu Qi cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony), 2010 Shanghai World Expo items (We Are the World, Happy Costume Parade, Saudi Arabia Pavilion), 2016 World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, Digital World Expo and China Hi-Tech Fair.

As one of the first VCs in domestic sports-related sector, IDG invested in sports, Switzerland-based Infront Sports & Media,  Kunlun Fight for competitive sports area, LEOAO Fitness for basic training area, 700bike for sports gear area, etc. IDG prepared RMB 5 billion IDG sports foundation, aiming to be a sports magnate.


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