World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo


World Winter Sports (Beijing)Expo (WWSE) is now one of the largest and most authoritative expos in world winter sports industry.

The WWSE has been held in Beijing annually since 2016 and has run through the entire preparation cycle of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. An important legacy of the Olympic Games, it has not only developed into the largest exposition of the global ice and snow industry, but also an innovative one combining winter sports and industrial development in the history of the world Olympic Winter Games. 

Since its holding in 2016, the WWSE has become a comprehensive platform for the display of domestic and foreign ice and snow enterprises and brands, preparations for the Olympic Winter Games and Olympic legacy, for the integrated development of the global ice and snow industry and for the popularization and promotion of winter sports. It has played an active role in opening up the Chinese winter sports market, promoting the development of global winter sports, facilitating international exchanges in the ice and snow industry, driving the rapid growth of local ice and snow enterprises, and popularizing and promoting ice and snow sports. A series of achievements have been made in “helping the Olympics Winter Games”, “ice and snow diplomacy”,“developing industry through conferences”,“global sports recovery”and“public ice and snow sports”, highly recognized by related industries in and out of China.